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Bullet Samples - Rifle bullets for Sale by Weight, Caliber or Manufacturer

Are you tired of buying a box of bullets only to find out that they do not shoot well in your rifle?  This usually means that most of  that ammunition sits on your shelf unused and you go buy another box from a different maker and try those.

"Bullet Samples" offers you the least expensive way to try as many different bullets as you wish by selling small numbers of bullets - Berger, Sierra, Nosler, Hornady, and Barnes.  We stock from .17 Caliber through .30 Caliber. We can sell you 5 of these or 20 of those or 10 of another YOU decide how may you want.

You can pick any combination of manufacturer, caliber, weight and amount. We believe a fair test of any bullet and powder charge is at least a 5 shot group.
Click  on our stock tab for a listing of all the bullets we stock as well as pricing.

To order click on the order tab, fill out the form and click submit at the bottom.  

PRECISION BALLISTICS BULLETS ARE HERE!!! We are proud to announce the addition of Precision Ballistics 6mm hand swaged bullets. These bullets are quickly gaining the reputation of being one of the best 6mm bullets on the market today.

COMING SOON - PRECISION BALLISTICS 6.5MM BULLETS!! Don of Precision Ballistics has announced that he will be starting a new line of 6.5mm bullets by the end of this year. To find out more about PRECISION BALLISTICS as well as the other manufacturers we carry click on their link on our Links page.

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